May 18, 2015


Thank you to everyone that has sent in an update so far! I have had so much fun reading through and posting them. It’s probably time I practice what I preach and send in my update. Maybe then I’ll get taken more seriously when I ask for more. ;)

Noteworthy things that have happened in the last ten years…
-After high school I worked at Madison Women’s Clinic in Rexburg for 6 years as a receptionist and in the billing department until my husband graduated and we moved out of state.
-I went to BYU-Idaho and got a Bachelor’s degree in education. My major is Early Childhood Special Education and qualifies me to teach regular or special ed from Birth-3rd grade and my minor is in Orchestra education K-12.
-I love travelling and seeing new places. One of my adventures was going with a college group to Europe for a month and taking a couple classes. Anyone recognize my travel buddy? If you ever need a good travel buddy she comes highly recommended.
-The end of my second year of college I met my husband, Skyler, and we were married the summer of 2007. He’s pretty neat.
-In 2010 we had our first baby in Rexburg. Her name is Remington (we call her Remi) and she is almost 5 and will start Kindergarten this year. Her favorite thing is superheroes at the moment. We actually have some ducks we’ve been raising in our backyard since Easter (one of my husband’s many ideas) and she has named them Batman, Cyclops, Flash, and Cyborg.
-In 2011 we moved to Basin City, WA (outside of the Tricities) after my husband graduated with his Bachelors for work. We are in the process of buying the family grain business. We love it here. I live in the middle-of-nowhere (basically) and am embracing country life. I now own overalls, cowgirl boots, and a pink and black zebra print four-wheeler. I think I’ve finally gotten used to driving 30 minutes for groceries.
-In 2012 we had our second baby here in Washington. His name is Kai and he is 2 ½.  He recently has become our very own sound effects studio. His specialties are car engines revving, laser guns, angry hulk, and spider-man webs.
-I’m mostly a stay at home mom, but two days a week I teach violin from my home. My kids destroy my house and do whatever they want those days. They’ve learned to work together to get into anything they normally aren’t allowed to during lessons.

Hoping to see as many of you as I can in July! Thanks for being so supportive with the updates. Now go buy your tickets!

Oh hi, Alyson. Where's your update? 
Engagement Photo
Remi and Kai
Because when you live next to beautiful orchards you join the masses and take family pictures there.
And another picture by one of my husband's grain bins at Eppich Grain. Why not?
What Remi and Kai look like most of the time. A small dose of our real life.

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