May 26, 2015


It's so good to hear from everyone! I want to see every one of you at the reunion, unless you can't. But if you are on the fence about it come! Ten years is a big deal you old farts! Well, in case you were wondering...

10- is the number of miles from Rexburg I settled. I had big dreams of being somewhere much cooler than this but we found a fixer-upper home in Teton two years ago and since then we've found that the people here are our kind of crazy

9 jobs I've had since High School. The most notable being the summer after graduation when I moved up to Jackson WY where I was a wanna-be cowgirl and drove a team of draft horses for tourists; and the time I moved to Alabama to work construction and helped build a dome church (I even got a pink hard hat). Now I work from home sewing felt flowers for an online boutique.

8 years I've been married to Troy Parson (Madison class of '04). When he came home from his mission I snatched him up before he could change his mind about me. He is a sculptor/ mold maker and currently doing grad school online at Academy of Art studying Industrial design .

7 seasons of Dr Who I've watched. Don't judge. Bow ties are cool

6 chickens, 5 frogs, 10 fish, a cat, a giant dog, and a million houseplants share our little acre of land. It's fabulous. Like a zoo.

5 cities I've dwelled in- Rexburg (a few times); Jackson, WY; Dothan, AL; Sugar City, and Teton.

4 year degree from BYUI in Exercise Science. It was challenging and interesting and I'm glad I didi it and I'm glad it's over.

3 beautiful boys have joined our family. Rockwell is 5, Otto is 3, and Kell is our little angel baby who passed away recently.

2 half marathons because I'm not awesome enough to do full marathons but do enjoy exercising to a degree. It's my stress relief and much cheaper than therapy.

1 time I've left the country and it was only to Mexico. I was only too happy to come back to the States

0 times I have used geometry since 9th grade
I've loved seeing what people have been up to and I hope many more of you will get on the ball and update us before Aubrey posts more embarrassing pictures. Never mind. Don't post.
​I like the embarrassing pictures of you all. Good times.

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