April 7, 2015


Since Aubrey pulled out the big guns (my 6th grade yearbook picture) I figured it was time to send in my update. It's been good to hear from all those who have sent in updates so far. I hope that by some lucky chance we get to hear from everyone!

1. I attended BYU-I where I thought about graduating in English, English Education, Photography, Interior Design, Organizational Business and finally settled on Advertising. I graduated with my bachelors in December of 09 and have yet to work for an Ad agency like I thought I would. I don't think I'm missing out on much.
2. I've had a myriad of interesting jobs over the years including, Snoshack, Rexburg Opinion Center, waitressing at an Inn on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and working for two photographers. Currently I work from home as a blog manager and fashion editor for the women's life style blog, Say Yes. I really enjoy what I do and the flexibility I have from working at home.

3. I met my husband, Alden Aikele (pronounced Ike-lee), in the summer of 2009 while I was in Provo doing an internship for a local photographer. We lived at the same apartment complex (Sparks II) and met at a summer bbq. We dated for the summer for fun and then when I moved back to Rexburg to finish school in the fall we just couldn't walk away from each other and dated long distance.

4. In January of 2010 Alden moved to Hawaii so he could go to school and since I had just graduated in December I decided to go too. We got engaged in February and came home for a quick wedding in June at the Rexburg temple and then back to Hawaii. Newlywed life in Hawaii was all it was cracked up to be. Ah.... if only life was as carefree now.

5. In 2011 we moved back to my husbands hometown, Concord CA (about 45 mins outside of San Francisco) to work for his family roofing business. We ended up loving the bay area and bought a house in 2013. In 2014 we sold the business and currently my husband works in San Francisco as a Web Developer for a software company (Zendesk).

6. In December of 2013 we had a baby! Let me rephrase that, I had a baby. Her name is Hazel and she's the smartest, sweetest little girl and we love her.

7. My husband Alden and I love to travel and have been able to take a few trips since we've been married including a trip to Thailand. We also have an upcoming trip to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark in the spring. Now that we have the travel bug, it's hard to stop.

8. Ah, I feel like this is sounding boring. Are you bored yet? At this point I have major respect for you Joel. (meanwhile here is a family picture)

9. I've been skydiving twice. And in case you don't remember I'm deathly afraid of heights. Don't ask me to do it again. [Peer pressure is REAL people]

10. Annnnd a few things that keep me up at night from high school:
1. Has anyone else thought about how CRAZY the mock terrorist attack was when we were juniors? I mean, they shot kids with paintball guns! People are always blown away when I tell that story. The things you can get away with in Idaho, I swear! ha!
2. When we were seniors I was in charge of the homecoming bonfire and the week before homecoming someone burnt it down. It's time to fess up... I need to know who did it!

See you in July!

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