April 23, 2015


I have loved reading the updates and hopefully we can get some more coming in, its been so fun to see what everyone has been up to!

The last 10 years have gone by so fast but have also been great, I thing everything I said would never happen has happened!

1. I said I would never go to BYU-Idaho. Check.
With scholarships and how cheap it was, it just seemed crazy not to go to BYUI. I feel like so many of us went there but I don't feel like I saw hardly anyone from high school.  It turned out to be an amazing experience that I loved. On the off track semesters I was able to travel the country, Mexico and London but it was always good to come back to school in Rexburg so it worked out. I got my degree in Child Development thinking it would help me be such a great mom...yea, books and classes can't prepare you for motherhood!
2. I said I would never get married right after I got home from my mission. Check.
I left on a mission to Argentina in May and got home the end of December of 2009 and met my husband Trent at school in January and yes I said I would never date someone in my ward. Check. I also said I would never marry anyone from Utah.Check. But I am so glad because he is stinking amazing!
3. I said I would never lose my Spanish. Check.
I was able to use if for a little while with jobs but now that I am home Dora the explorer is the only Spanish conversation I get.
4. I said I would never going to have a baby right after we got married. Check.
Meet Emmy she is as feisty, social, happy and independent as they come and way too smart for her own good...and ours. She definitely keeps us on our toes and teaches us far more than I planned on. She is 3 and  our little boy Tristyn is 7 months and he is the calmest, happiest little baby which is such a blessing that they are opposite.
5. I said I would never live in Utah. Check.
Yep you guessed it I live in Utah, Centerville to be exact and I love it so much. We are still in school while my husband gets his degree in Hospital Administration and works for the hospital insurance unit so who knows how much longer we will be and where we will end up.

So I guess over the last 10 years I've been reminded I'm not in control as much as I thought and been served a slice of humble pie, but so far it doesn't taste too bad. Hope everyone is well and we will see lots of you at the reunion!

We don't have un updated picture since Tristyn of all of us, sorry.

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