March 7, 2015


 I've really enjoyed reading about what everyone has been up to the last 10 years! As for me, I got a summer job at Intel working with an uncle just outside Portland, Oregon. While there I applied and was accepted to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. It was exciting and absolutely terrifying at the same time. As the summer came to an end though, I realized that Portland was not where I was meant to be. So I went back home to Rexburg and started attending BYU-I. In the spring of 06 I married my high school sweetheart Greg Snedaker, who graduated the year before us. 

 We moved from place to place in Rexburg and from job to job. Then in 2007 I started working for Madison's After School Program as a teacher and fell in love! I loved the kids, I loved teaching fun classes, I loved helping kids who were struggling conquer their homework. It was such a rewarding job, and after 3 elementary schools (Burton, Adams, and South Fork which is Archer and Lyman combined) and almost 7 years of playing at work, I became a stay-at-home mom. 

In the midst of all my fun, in the fall of 2009, my husband and I got both awful and wonderful news. We discovered that Greg has an auto-immune disease that will affect him for the rest of his life. It was hard news to hear, but God helped us get through the shock and move forward to find a way to manage the illness. Happily my husband is doing very well for almost a year now! Our other news that fall was that we were expecting our first child. Thankfully I had an easy pregnancy and was able to take care of Greg when he wasn't well. In July 2010 Ethan was born and he couldn't have been more perfect!

In February of 2013 our second son, Skyler, was born. Ethan has been an awesome big brother and Skyler is determined to keep up with everything Ethan does. They keep me very busy and tend to get into mischief often. Ethan looks like a miniature of my husband and has his same energetic outlook on life. Skyler is our little sour patch kid, he has quite the talent for getting into trouble and being naughty one moment to being a sweet apologetic angel the next.
Last spring we decided to buy a house and made the "long" journey from Lyman to Rigby. Yep, we moved to Rigby. We live on a quiet street in a cute old home just filled with character with what I consider a big yard for being in town. So far, I've loved every moment, and we are slowly but surely making this place our own.

Ethan is now four and a half and going to Preschool. He loves it, and is constantly coming home singing songs he learned. Poor Skyler can't stand being left home and out of the fun. About a month ago I was asked by the Preschool director if I'd like to help in one of the classes and I excitedly accepted. So now I'm working again. Preschoolers are so fun and full of curiosity. I spend my spare time (what little of it I get) working on craft projects and learning new things. I enjoy decorating cakes for my boys' birthdays and even made my sister's wedding cake. As a family we loving having adventures and traveling together. Our next great adventure is the upcoming arrival of our baby girl who is due in May. Greg and I are thrilled and even the boys are looking forward to having a baby sister!
Well, I hope to hear from more of you and see as many as possible this summer!

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